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The Careem of Hotels in Pakistan is the first online platform for vacation rentals in Pakistan, to have come up with the exceptional idea of empowering the locals to become mezbans (hosts) to those who want an in-depth experience of traveling to different parts of the country without any constraints.

Ghumo provides the locals with the opportunity of mehmam nawazi by becoming mezbans, based on the successful model of Airbnb that has flourished worldwide. This allows them to, not only provide the travelers with a safe haven for a time being, but also become financially independent and entrepreneurs by opening up their homes or other properties for the people to stay in during their vacation.

When the locals decide to take advantage of residing in a tourist spot by acting as hosts for the vacationers, it provides them with a sense of accomplishment. They are able to aid in offering good quality properties to the people at lower costs than the overpriced hotels. The aim of the Ghumo mezbani is to give the travelers a sense of what living in the area they are traveling to would feel like, something which the high-end hotels have failed to achieve as their aim is only to earn as much profit as possible. Meanwhile, the mezbans will only be enriching the minds of the vacationers with knowledge of the areas, the people, their cuisines and so much more. Again, something many hotels have failed to add to their list of services.

Furthermore, another benefit of becoming a Ghumo mezban is that it allows greater financial independence by becoming a part of a community of entrepreneurs, who want to open up their arms to sightseers for a time being. These travelers forgo wanting to stay in a hotel, thus the mezbans end their day as a win since this will allow their entrepreneurial skills to improve as well as their financial means.

Pakistan has some of the most beautiful tourist sites, where people not only from Pakistan come and visit but from all over the world as well and on numerous occasions, they do not want a 200-Dollar-per-night stay but rather something more intimate and cost effective where they can experience nature at its finest. Hence by providing the sightseers with top-notch living space, the mezbans’ popularity will improve causing more and more tourist to visit their homes rather than high-end hotels. In the case of eventuality, their business will flourish and it will only be possible because of Ghumo.

To get started, head over to this link and become a Mezbaan today!


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