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Travel with Trust

It’s not a secret that when you decide to stay in someone’s home for a certain amount of time, you need to develop a trustworthy relationship. You need to trust that their care-taking skills are only to provide you with the best comfort and they are sincere when they open up their arms to invite you in and not because they have to.

It takes compromise on your part as well, giving up all the services a hotel would provide including security and 24/7 room service when you take the initiative to remain in someone’s home, someone being a complete stranger. And there can certainly be no room for pride in this situation and that too, on either side.

Deciding to live in someone else’s space for the nonce can be challenging on so many levels. It might feel as though you are invading their personal space, it may feel as though you are taking more space than you initially planned, it maybe that you feel as though you have outstayed your welcome. There are hundreds of endless possibilities of how uncomfortable one can get while living in another host’s house.

However, this is exactly where the trust comes in. The trust that living with a local host or mezban gives the opportunity to the traveler to have faith in the other in regards to them being hospitable and catering to their guests. On the other hand, it encourages the mezban to put their best foot forward and provide care and polish on their hosting abilities as well.

It empowers both the traveler and the mezban. The traveler in the sense that it gives them the opportunity to take a risk and see the end result with their own eyes and of course, it will a positive result as Pakistani mezbans have the best hosting capabilities and showcase their hospitality the minute a guest step foot on their doormat. On the other hand, it provides the mezban with the opportunity to have a guest develop trust in them and their skills so that more and more people decide to stay at their place and become a source of income for them.

There is no doubt about it that Pakistani people are evidently very hospitable as a society and hence that encourages vacationers to take a risk and trust the mezbans. After all, trust takes you a long way.
So #karoaitebar and book with Ghumo for all future trips in Pakistan. You will not be disappointed.


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  6. I never stay at any relatives house while travelling abroad instead of that I book my hotels with a travel and tourism agency

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