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The Airbnb of Pakistan That Is Changing Lives

Becoming an entrepreneur has never been this easy! mezban program has given the people of Pakistan the opportunity to do so in 3 simple steps by listing their property as living space for travelers in their areas. This concept has been derived up from that of Airbnb, which is running across numerous western countries, thus also guaranteeing a success rate. In addition to this, Ghumo has also made sure that the mezbans are provided with utmost security by verifying the guests through their national identity card and working with insurance companies to make sure that the properties are in safe hands at the end of the day while the guests staying with them.
Furthermore, Ghumo has also given the mezbans the rights to accept or deny any guests according to their will. This is because the company aims to empower the locals as much as possible but also enables trust among people and a sense of comfort in this business.
Once the property has been listed, Ghumo has made sure to keep its commission rates as low as possible, possibly the lowest in the industry with only 3%, hence allowing the Mezbans to have complete control over their financial earnings. The integrity of the company does not stop here. They have also made sure that the Mezbans get their timely payout via a bank transfer or Jazzcash, again, resulting in complete control over the financial earnings.
In addition to this, the Mezban community is expanding and therefore, hosts from different areas can interact with each other, gain and share knowledge thus forming a network. People from different areas of Pakistan can now stay connected without any restraints.

 Moreover, this can also include the sharing of information with guests to give them a complete and authentic experience during their trip, something which large-scale hotels cannot do so and also charge unreasonably high prices. Their services may even lack what any other Ghumo residence might be able to provide easily.
Entrepreneurship has been made easy by Ghumo as mentioned above, but there are few prospects for people to get into the business from the comfort of their home in Pakistan. Ghumo is the only one who offers such a chance to people. All one needs is, a furnished home with basic necessities such as an air conditioner, a bed, bathroom and an internet connection. The only other major requirement is a CNIC so that the Mezban can be verified by
So why wait? Start a business, bano apni jagah se paisay! Get started NOW by clicking this link


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