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The advent of vacation rentals in Pakistan

With the recent developments of vacation rentals, one has the choice to choose between hotels, hostels and rentals in Pakistan now. The decision of where to stay is imperative for travelers, whether their stay is a short one or a long one. Of course, it will vary from person to person. 
Hotels offer a bunch of services to its customers at a set price, usually towards the higher end. They have a round the clock staff, working to assist you in any way possible, whether it be at 7am in the morning or at 2am at night. They are trained to manage any and all customer queries throughout their stay. Hotels also have some form of a restaurant which offer free breakfast to all the visitors, a coffee shop, or a gift store onsite. These are added amenities which are extremely beneficial for the customers but again, at higher prices. 
Vacationers who prefer a lavish stay and do not mind the expenses often opt for this mode of accommodation. However, hotels only tend to provide indoor activities which do not extend towards the locality and if guests are looking for that, they will only be disappointed.
Moving on, hostels are towards the lower end of the list of accommodations. These are more suitable for people who are living on a tight budget and are trying to experience the backpacking way of traveling. These places usually have one or two bedrooms which are meant to be shared with multiple people. What is more is that, since several people are sharing a room, safety is not as guaranteed as it is in hotels. Unless, you specifically mention that you need a private room. 
Furthermore, t
here will usually be one or two staff members to help, but they often act more as a manager than a concierge. More often than not, there is also a common area, though this depends from hostel to hostel. And since the facilities are bare minimum relative to a hotel, the prices will also be drastically lower.
Last but not least, an Airbnb or a vacation rental fills the gap between a hostel and a hotel. Travelers can rent out basic rooms, apartments or even full idle properties during their stay, all at an affordable rate, which will be between a hotel and a hostel. The owner will often meet you and cater to your needs, fulfilling their role as a host. The amenities can vary from Airbnb to Airbnb as can other services such as complimentary breakfast and thorough engagement between the guests and the locality.
So are you looking for a vacation rental this time around? has taken it upon its self to be the connecting force between the travelers and mezbans (hosts) so head over to confirm your bookings now! 


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