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Top Restaurants to visit when you’re in Lahore

Lahore is the hub of eateries. Recently, the trend has increased ten-fold and even though there are uncountable restaurants now, some of them just out rank others in terms of their ambiance and of course their taste.
restaurantWhen living with a mezban, you have the freewill of going out to eat as some might not offer food as they do in hotels. For this exact reason, one must visit the top restaurants of Lahore mentioned below.
Spice Bazaar, just off MM Alam Road, is one of the favorites. It offers desi cuisine with a wide selection to order from. Since the parent group which owns the restaurant is YUM, it has maintained quality of its food ever since its opening. Not to mention, the interior is also top-notch with modern style decoration and a calming ambiance. Furthermore, the service is efficient and extremely friendly, simply adding to your experience.
So when you want to treat yourself to a little something delicious instead of cooking at home while living with the mezban, make sure to check out this eatery, which has great reviews and has people raving about it.

Another top restaurant that Ghumo recommends you visit while you’re in Lahore, is Café Zouk, one of the oldest places out there, with no introduction need. It is situated in the heart of MM Alam Road and is a restaurant which serves continental cuisine, offering dishes from steaks, pastas, burgers, soups and much more. The place is slightly smaller and cannot host a lot of people, so if there is a wait, it is definitely worth it.

Moving on, another diner that a traveler can visit while they are staying with a mezban is Monal. It is in the heart of a commercial area in Gulberg. Since it is a rooftop place, the view is surely a treat on its own. The place is quite open hence it can be relatively easier for the big families to visit this place. It has both an indoor and outdoor sitting space. Apart from that, the eatery serves desi food. The food is prepared according to the taste buds of the Pakistani people, so when you visit this diner, get ready for a little spice!

When you’re visiting from another city staying in an accommodation provided by Ghumo but want to experience a causal night out in Lahore with friends or family, try visiting Yum Chinese Thai. It is also a restaurant, which is situated in Gulberg II. It is the type of place you can visit with anyone, be it friends or family since it offers such a cuisine that caters to a multitude of audience. However, it does not serve ala carte, but even then the quality and quantity has set its own benchmark. And this is also one of Ghumo’s favorites.

The last top restaurant we recommend is Café Aylanto. It is located in the heart of Gulberg III and also happens to be a continental eatery. The ambiance of this place is off the charts. It has different portions for sitting and even an outdoor, which is fantastic to enjoy in, in the winters and spring. Just like Zouk, the menu is vast and there is a wide array of selection as well.

All of these eateries have received a rating of 4.2 and 4.3, which is as high as it gets. There is not a single place you can find that has the perfect rating, but these places well near that five-star rating.
So when you’re staying with a mezban the next time around, make sure to give these places a try. There is so much more to explore when you are not restricted indoors as you are in hotels since all their activities are within on roof. But with Ghumo’s mezbans, they give you the opportunity to explore on your own!


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